Wild Things

Episode 17: Duck describes “Wild Things,” a 1998 Denise Richards and Neve Campbell thriller with so many twists and turns you’ll feel like you’re at Six Flags, to Sarah.  

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Episode 16: Sarah describes “Pompeii,” in which Jon Snow and Jack Bauer face not only each other but also liquid hot magma, to Duck.

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Episode 15: Duck describes “Deception,” a film you’ve never heard of starring Ewan McGregor as an incel, Michelle Williams as leggy blonde, and a jacked up Hugh Jackman as a member of an elite Manhattan sex club, to Sarah.

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Remember Me

Episode 14: Sarah describes “Remember Me,” an R-Patz romedy that COULD have been palatable if not for its truly shocking and tasteless twist, to Duck. And oh yeah, Meghan Markle’s in it #royalty.

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Collateral Beauty

Episode 13: Duck describes “Collateral Beauty,” where Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Michael Peña do some seriously f-ed up shiz to America’s sweetheart Will Smith just for a few benjies, to Sarah. P.S. Hit us up for a rap or dedication we’re STILL only charging $5 what are we crazy?  

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Now You See Me

Episode 11: Duck describes “Now You See Me,” a.k.a. Oceans Eleven But Magic a.k.a. Jesse Eisenberg’s David Blaine Cosplay Reel, to Sarah. P.S. Hit us up for a rap or dedication we’re only charging $5 that’s a great deal.

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Episode 10: Sarah describes “Venom,” a Marvel villain origin story in which Tom Hardy gets possessed by Flubber™ and Michelle Williams has to make out with his lizard tongue, to Duck. This episode also includes our first paid rap dedication. Want to buy one yourself? Only $5!

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Episode 9: Duck describes “Aloha,” Bradley Cooper’s lowest moment and Emma Stone’s debut as a woman of Chinese and Hawaiian heritage (WHY EMMA WHY), to Sarah.

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