Episode 24: Sarah describes ‘Cats,’ Hollywood’s failed attempt at making some coin off the most deranged Broadway musical in existence (and for some reason Idris Elba, Sir Ian McKellan, Dame Judi Dench and also Jason Derulo are there), to Duck.    

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Southland Tales

Episode 23: Duck describes “Southland Tales,” in which Justin Timberlake narrates a dystopian (comedy?) about WWIII, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, his wife Mandy Moore, and his girlfriend Sarah Michelle Gellar, to Sarah.

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Ready Or Not

Episode 22: Sarah describes “Ready or Not,” a 2019 thriller featuring a murderous game of hide-and-seek, Satanic worship, and in-law drama (tell me about it) that we all kinda wanna watch now because Adam Brody has aged WELL ladies, to Duck. P.S. We recorded this episode pre-quarantine.

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Leap Year

Episode 20: Duck describes “Leap Year,” an Irish rom-com where Amy Adams can only propose to Adam Scott on Leap Day due to … the patriarchy?, to Sarah.

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The Silence

Episode 19: Sarah describes “The Silence,” Netflix’s response to “A Quiet Place” except Stanley Tucci replaces Jim Halpert (who’d you rather?), to Duck.

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The Words

Episode 18: Duck describes “The Words,” another B. Coop dumpster fire (but this time it’s META), to Sarah. And oh yeah also Olivia Wilde is suuuuper into Dennis Quaid and whatever they paid her it can’t be worth the humiliation. P.S. This episode was recorded BEFORE news broke that the now 65-year-old Dennis Quaid proposed to […]

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Wild Things

Episode 17: Duck describes “Wild Things,” a 1998 Denise Richards and Neve Campbell thriller with so many twists and turns you’ll feel like you’re at Six Flags, to Sarah.  

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Episode 16: Sarah describes “Pompeii,” in which Jon Snow and Jack Bauer face not only each other but also liquid hot magma, to Duck.

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