Episode 10: Sarah describes “Venom,” a Marvel villain origin story in which Tom Hardy gets possessed by Flubber™ and Michelle Williams has to make out with his lizard tongue, to Duck. This episode also includes our first paid rap dedication. Want to buy one yourself? Only $5!

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Episode 9: Duck describes “Aloha,” Bradley Cooper’s lowest moment and Emma Stone’s debut as a woman of Chinese and Hawaiian heritage (WHY EMMA WHY), to Sarah.

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Episode 6: Sarah describes “Downsizing,” a sci-fi drama that includes Matt Damon’s best mini-me impression TO DATE, to Duck. #FreeTinyMattDamon This episode also includes our #FirstPaidAd! $10 for the next one! Who wants it??

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Must Love Dogs

Episode 5: Duck describes “Must Love Dogs,” a 2005 rom-com featuring Diane Lane and John Cusack in which none of the principal characters own dogs or even really have any noteworthy appreciation for dogs, to Sarah. Find us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and now also Stitcher.

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Big Miracle

Episode 4: Sarah describes “Big Miracle,” a feel good true (?) story featuring Drew Barrymore, Jim Halpert, a pod of whales, and U.S.-Russia relations, to Duck. Correction: Sarah incorrectly identifies the actor Dermot Mulroney as Rupert Everett throughout the recording. Our apologies. Find us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

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